Meet the Staff


Sarah Richardt, Executive Director

As the Executive Director of small museums and historic preservation agencies since 2013, Sarah understands that telling the stories can impact a community is vital in truthful dialog. She believes that her past experiences directly relate to the mission of the Shelby County Historical Society.

Sarah has worked in a variety of historic genres in her career such as a frame house as part of the Underground Railroad, a Victorian mansion, and a folk art museum. Working in a traditional small museum does not mean traditionally small ideas. She has expanded the history of small museums in a targeted way to dig deeper into the stories that had previously been untold. In her public history position, she has curated a folk art exhibit working with both collectors as well as cultural institutions to bring together public and private art.

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Alyssa Florey, Collections Manager

Alyssa is a Shelbyville native and DePauw University graduate with a degree in Art History and experience in collections management, museum registration, and inter-departmental collaboration She brings an appreciation of storytelling in all its forms, but also a great concern for the shaping of a more ethical and equitable discipline. She brings experience from The Cleveland Museum of Art and DePauw University’s Richard E. Peeler Art Center.

Her previous position as an Arthur E. Klauser Collections and Community Outreach Fellow allowed her the opportunity to work with the  Registrar of University Exhibitions and Collections at DePauw University. Alyssa assisted in various collections and registration projects and assisted the gallery’s preparator in the installation and de-installation of gallery exhibitions and possess strong skills in art handling, packing, and shipping. Additionally, she was responsible for curatorial projects, such as the exhibition We Love Having You Here: Expressions of Identity in DePauw’s Art Collection, communicating with visiting artists, writing didactic and interpretive content, supervising student volunteers, programming community outreach events, and giving guided tours of the galleries and collections storage.

Prior to that, she served as the Director’s Fellow in Interpretation at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where she was responsible for myriad projects, including writing interpretive, didactic content for the museum’s ArtLens Gallery and Collection Online.


Board of Directors:


Trent Meltzer, President

Maria Bachman,  Vice-President

Joey Justice, Treasurer

Judy Kuhn, Secretary

Caroline Buse

Jason Clark

Carter Hall

Monica Lutes

Bill Nicholson

Mike Runnebohm

Carla Black

Jenna Martin



The primary focus of the Collections Team is to ensure a high standard of excellence in our stewardship of the collections of historical artifacts, library and archival material and photographs that have been entrusted to the Society. They meet bi-monthly.

Kris Scwickrath, Leader

Alyssa Flory

Caroline Buse

Doug Uehling

This team assists the staff in developing and facilitating opportunities of community engagement. This includes on-site programming and exhibits at Grover as well as in the community.

Kim Berry, Leader


The Fundraising Team is essential in keeping everything going. They develop and coordinate the vital efforts in raising revenue to help us fulfill our mission.

Jason Clark, Leader

Trent Meltzer

Bill Nicholson


Yep, you guessed it! We can’t do what we do without volunteers. This team collaborates with the staff to recruit, train, and coordinate our volunteers.

Judy Kuhn, Leader

Carter Hall

Pat Hearn

Carla Black

Wanda Treon

Ryan Brunner



Plans and implements the many events held at Grover and in our community.

Wanda Treon

Bul Nicholson

Caroline Buse

Joey Justice

Maria Bachman

Mary Rinehart

Jane Huber

Kathy Nolting