Alex Krach – Museum Director

Alexander Krach began working for the Shelby County Historical Society & Grover Museum in 2016. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mr. Krach graduated in 2013 from Clarion University. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as a journalist with the Shelbyville News where he worked for a few years before accepting his current position at Grover. In his current role, he oversees staff and volunteers, collections stewardship initiatives, exhibit instillation, educational programming, community outreach, fundraising efforts, and general day-to-day operations of the facility.

Since accepting his position, Mr. Krach has worked alongside the Board of Directors and staff to developed new artifact collection policies, a 5-year strategic plan, updated by-laws, a fundraising plan, new programs, and launched a branding campaign in preparation of the museum’s 40th anniversary. These plans have assisted in increasing the engagement of the museum, which was around 3,000 in 2016, to over 15,000 in 2019.



Board of Directors:


Vince Bradburn, President

Kris Schwickrath,  Vice-President

Amanda Yockey, Treasurer

Janet Compton, Secretary

Kim Berry

Caroline Buse

Jason Clark

Chris King

Judy Kuhn

Trent Meltzer

Mike Runnebohm

Janie Schuster

Tony Titus



The primary focus of the Collections Team is to ensure a high standard of excellence in our stewardship of the collections of historical artifacts, library and archival material and photographs that have been entrusted to the Society. They meet bi-monthly.

Kris Scwickrath, Leader

Vince Bradburn

Caroline Buse

Alex Krach

Sarah Newkirk

Doug Uehling

Like it sounds….the Communications Team specializes in everything communication related. They oversee and colloborate to advance our mission on-site at the Center, in the community, across the state, and online. Individuals with skillsets and interest in media platforms like our website and Facebook are encouraged to join us.

Trent Meltzer, Leader

Chris King

Sarah Newkirk


This team assists the staff in developing and facilitating opportunities of community engagement. This includes on-site programming and exhibits at Grover as well as in the community.

Kim Berry, Leader

Alex Krach

Jan Hearn

Teresa Meredith

Janet Compton

Kris Schwickrath


The Facilities Maintenance Team oversees and assists in maintaining our physical property. This includes the Grover Center at 52 W. Broadway as well as the cabin and barn at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. “Handy” individuals are always needed for projects as small as replacing light bulbs to larger ones like developing our capital plan.

Vince Bradburn, Leader

Alex Krach

Mike Cord



The Fundraising Team is essential in keeping everything going. They develop and coordinate the vital efforts in raising revenue to help us fulfill our mission.

Janie Schuster, Leader

Alex Krach


Yep, you guessed it! We can’t do what we do without volunteers. This team collaborates with the staff to recruit, train, and coordinate our volunteers.

Janet Compton, Leader

Sarah Newkirk